Saturday, 1 December 2012

We've still got - Perfect Motion!!!

Now this is a rarity - a track that's been posted 3 times on the PCC blog.
All for great reasons, as each time it has been a different mix and all are superb versions and hence more than worthy of the triplicate posting.
Already on the blog are the Jimmy Gomez remix which is (like all his work) absolutely outstanding. 
Rich posted the Farley and Heller - Junior Boys Own Mix which was probably the most widely played mix in clubs and a top remix.
Here's another alternative version and one I also love, it takes you on a dream like journey encompassing lots of tempo changes and peaks, with a little bit of delightfully subtle piano thrown in for good measure. It's a really great re-working of total PCC.
It's one of those tracks that you just want to keep playing again and again over and over!
If a track gets 3 posts on the PCC blog, then you know it's good, which gives testament to Sunscreem by creating beautiful and "Perfect Motion".

Sunscreem - Perfect Motion
(Sunday Club Remix)

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