Saturday, 15 December 2012

Musical perfection!!!

I've had this lined up to post for ages, as I simply adore this track.
I've mentioned several times on the PCC blog, my huge admiration for Ms. Bedingfield.
She is quite possibly my favourite female vocalist and always produces fantastic songs with deep and meaningful lyrics.
It's the texture and feel of her vocals that just touch me deep down.
Her music is always superb, but when remixed it reaches elevated heights.
This remix by Adam K and Soha is just stunning (in fact most of their remixes are top notch).
The track combines the beautiful vocals of Natasha with a dreamy trance vibe and the lyrics as per usual and clever and meaningful.
The only negative on this track is that it's too bloody short, coming in at just over 3 and a half minutes, it feels like it needs to be at least 8 minutes long.
What I always find myself doing is just playing it over and over again.
Musical perfection?? Not far off in my book!!
It touches the parts other tracks cannot reach!!

Natasha Bedingfield - Soulmate
(Adam K and Soha Mix)

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