Saturday, 1 December 2012

Join us on the Epic Journey!!

There's not many track that come in at over 14 mins long and keep you fully engrossed from start to finish.
This is one such epic journey.
A track hammered by Oakey back in 1997 and created by the mercurial Malcolm McClaren (R.I.P.), the track is simply an immense collection of trance sounds, taking you on a thumping roller-coaster journey.
It's just so better produced and authentic sounding then a lot of today's over formulated trance music.
This has a really ethereal feel to it, beautiful flow and some pounding trance driven beats.
All in all a top notch piece of dance music.
Get on the Epic Journey!!

Malcolm McClaren - The Bell Song
(Remembrance Mix)


zabi said...

amazing trip dude! ♥

Id like to see any underworld classic (Scribble, Cowgirl, etc)


Anonymous said...

I had an edited version of this clocking in at 7 minutes. Always good to get the full length version.

Blogger said...

Play Audio: Sprinter - True Lya Lya