Saturday, 15 December 2012

Come on "Let's Fly Away"!!

This was on my "most wanted tracks" list for a long time. Why, why else? Because it is a top track.
For the real purists amongst you, it could be a tad on the cheesy side, but as we've always said on the PCC blog, a piece of cheese now and again is an essential part of a healthy well balanced dance music diet.
The tracks from 1996 and features the beautiful vocals of Kelly Llorenna and comes with a top notch remix by Biff 'n' Memphis. Those guys had the nack of just keeping their remix work the right side of cheesy.
It's a long track as well, well over 10 minutes, but like all good tracks it keeps you pretty much engrossed from start to finish.
Come on "Let's Fly Away"!!

Kelly Llorenna - One Day I'll Fly Away
(Biff 'N' Memphis Vocal)

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