Saturday, 29 September 2012

These are my people and I love them all the same!!

Alright people, here's back with another old skool classic.
I used to love this - it was a real feel good track and one that was really emotionally powerful when you were blissed out in a club.
There was no better feeling than hearing this and looking round and seeing everyone with their hands in the air singing along feel the same vibe.
The track really captured the essence of the vibe that was so strong in 1991, it expressed such a strong feeling of unity.
Those are the times we lived, we loved and we will never forget.
The track has a fantastic vibe, some superb lyrics, some great piano - all in all a total PCC.
"Standing on the edge of our freedom, knowledge is the key, the key for you and me"
"These are my, these are my people and I love them all the same"
"These are my, these are my people and I know them all by name"
Oh the memories.

Members Of The House - These Are My People
(Rainbow Edit)


DLMPINOY said...

funk-tastic music. . . no download link...just played it and enjoyed reminiscing the 90s. great man!!!

Chris Horner said...

The download link is there, it's right at the end of the bar where you can just see a 'D'.

Pure Club Classics said...

Apologies chaps - download link is there now.Regards, PCC