Saturday, 8 September 2012

Summer Vibes

Given it's such a beautiful morning I thought it would be apt to post a summery number, despite the fact that this is inevitably the last decent weekend of the year, weather-wise. Vocalist Jayn Hanna is perhaps best remember for the proggy '96 classic 'Lovelight', but 'River of Tears' slipped by almost unnoticed on promo only in mid-1999. Produced by Evolution, the original mixes are a bit too meandering for my tastes, but hidden away on the flip-side was this gorgeous house re-invention from Grant Nelson. This track has a real summer vibe to it. Also featured here is the follow up to 'Lovelight', in the shape of the equally classic 'Lost Without You', a track that surfaced at the beginning of 1997 and remains one of Evolution's best productions, in my opinion. By the way if any of you henceforth are attempting to download 'Storm In My Soul' by Kama Sutra, it's been removed due to some alleged violation or some such similar bollocks. 

Jayn Hanna - River of Tears (Grant Nelson's Club Mix)

Jayn Hanna - Lost Without You (Evolution Main Mix)


Cosmo Cater said...

This vocal needs another revival for today's era. So lush.

Shamus said...

the grant nelson remix is a bad rip, just listen from 3:20 onwards :(