Saturday, 8 September 2012

Bullitt In the Gun

Referencing Blue Amazon in the Jayn Hanna post caused me to ruminate that perhaps they've been a touch overlooked on the blog in the past. Their contribution to the epic house canon, with 'No Other Love' and 'Star of David', simply cannot be denied. So, after some deliberation, here is one of the finest remixes they ever put out. 'Cried to Dream' surfaced in '96 on the :VC: imprint, a label that was on top form back then. The track was most noted for Blue Amazon's hugely epic remix which served to further raise the act's profile. Some four years later 'Cried to Dream' surfaced again, this time in a limited quantity. Max Graham's remix, as lifted from Oakey's 'Travelling' compilation, tastefully updates the track for twenty-first century pallets, excising a lot of the vocals whilst retaining the epic feel of the BA mix. 

Bullitt - Cried to Dream (Amazonian Vocal)

Bullitt - Cried to Dream (Max Graham's 2000 Remix)


Anonymous said...

MG Mix been blocked for copyright

Pure Club Classics said...

Another top post fella - on a roll!!

Cosmo Cater said...

Max Graham did a really good job with this!

Blogger said...

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