Friday, 24 August 2012

Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out!!

Big up to you all.
I've now got a new laptop and hence I'll be able to post tracks more frequently, but I've still not got access to all my music and hence still have over 10,000 tracks on my old hard drive which I need to get hooked up with my laptop. I'm in the process of getting that sorted, so hopefully nomal service will be resumed shortly.
A big shout to Adam who's been posing some fantastic tracks of late and has really kep the blog ticking over in my absence. Top man.
Here's coming back at you with one of my favourite DJ Combo's, remixers, producers, both of who have frequented the PCC blog in the past.
Chris & James productions and remixes were always of the very highest quality, their ability to drop the piano chords just at the right time and t change track tempo was always absolutely spot on.
Here's one of their least known productions (from back in 1995) and one that I can't believe that I've not already posted.
It uses their theme of choosing an effective sample and building the track around it, accompanied with those fantastic tempo changes and that beautiful piano it really is a top, top piece of dance music production.
All you have to do is "Tune in, turn on, drop out".
The sample  was made famous by Timothy Leary back in 1966 advocating the use of LSD to open your mind.
Enjoy the track, it's a belter!!

Chris & James - Tune In
(Animal House Mix)

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Glad to see you back.