Saturday, 4 August 2012

Go to Church

Though 'Let Love Shine' is one of my all time favourite records, the severely underrated and largely forgotten 'Church of Freedom' is a more than worthy successor in need of some exposure. Whilst the original mix, co-written by Mike Koglin, is a pleasant affair (albeit one that is slightly marred by the unnecessary ragga-muffin type vocals which characterised the later Bleachin' releases), the remixes are of a much higher calibre. Tinman delivers a typically euphoric version, whilst Quivver lays down something altogether darker. For a 1995 remix, Quivver's retake is markedly minimal and sets the tone for the direction his sound was to take. Amos' final solo release was the More Protein-issued 'Come Away', which I have earmarked as a potential future posting on account of it being top quality. 

Amos - Church of Freedom (Tinman 12" Mix)

Amos - Church of Freedom (Quivver Vocal Mix)

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used to love this back in the day