Saturday, 4 August 2012

Back Where I Want to Be

A complete classic here and one that's never really gone away since its emergence in 1994. Originally produced by Ten City, and having been subjected to myriad reworks across the years, 'Nite Life' remains unquestionably a bona fide PCC. Although the '94 Bump mix is quality, my favourite version is this 1996 re-tweak from Joe T Vanelli. It's brooding, it's uplifting and it has JTV's singular sound stamped all over it. We don't appear to have posted enough Kim English tracks on the blog, a situation that needs to be remedied (the Nush mix of 'Learn II Love' being a case in point). Though the aforementioned 'Learn II Love' constituted her last UK release, she's been churning out US releases on the Nervous label for donkey's, including a rather tasty number from 1999 entitled 'Tomorrow', which featured a superb remix from Mark Pichiotti. Also, if anyone is in possession of the Powertribe DMC remix of 'Supernatural' from 1997, then please do sing out. It's an absolute bloody classic and it needs to be on this blog! 

Kim English - Nite Life (Joe T Vanelli Light Mix)


Anonymous said...

The Joe T. Vannelli Dark Mix is my favourite! What a record

Rory said...

Great tune, my first time hearing it. Dig the blog.


Anonymous said...

What is the password?

GLBTQ Jamaica said...

password please