Saturday, 9 June 2012

Tune of the holiday!!!

Alright people I hope all is well.
I've just arrived back from my hols and this was definitely the tune of the holiday.
Yes, I know it its terribly commercial (and cheesy) but I'm loving it at the moment.
I hardly went to the clubbing capital of the world (Gumbet, Turkey), but a clubbing holiday wasn't on the agenda (I'm much too old for that) although we did manage a night at Club Pasha until 4am.
However, the music was absolutely dreadful cheesy, chart nonsense and a DJ who couldn't even mix, we had a good night though, although it wasn't clubbing as I know it.
About the track, well it's just dead catchy, very current and features a rather attractive young lady from Romania Alexandra Stan (pictured) singing rather some nice catchy vocals (check the video). However, as with many many dance tracks I love, it's the piano which really makes it special.
Look I know it's cheesy, but have a few listens, talk about catchy.
Let me know your thoughts folks.
Have I just blown my PCC cred??

Alexandra Stan - Get Back ASAP
(Original Extended Mix)



LeedsDJ said...

Damn, she's hot!!
Pretty catchy, good piano as you say. Can imagine it in a hot club abroad sounding even better...
Will watch that video again... just to be sure... ;-)

Lu said...

Uhm, sounds a bit commercial, don't you think?