Friday, 22 June 2012

Serial Killer

'Your Love' marked Inner City's return from something of a hiatus, their previous release being the rather more underground 'Ahnongay'. 'Your Love' was co-produced by Serial Diva, who stamp their highly distinct mark on proceedings; the monumental buildup yielding eventually to some rhapsodical piano complemented of course by the silky vocals of Paris Grey and Ann Saunderson. This is my favourite Inner City track, it was massive at the end of '95 and enhanced the profile of Serial Diva as a production force to be reckoned with. 

Inner City - Your Love (Serial Diva Paris Is Burning Club Mix)


Rekutt said...

hi there, would love a password for this beauty ;)

im putting a series of old mixes together so im gathering some old classics, check my first one if you have the time!

Nigel said...

top 10 favs :0)

Stephon Ogley said...

Reminds of boxing day at love2be in sheffield. This was dropped 3 times. Top top tune

Lee said...

As a member of "Serial Diva" its good to see you guys still having love for this Tune! .. :-)