Saturday, 16 June 2012

Feel me, feel me, love energy!!

Alright all, I hope you are all well out there and are enjoying the Euro 2012 football.
Good to see England finally get a win last night, although yet again it was pretty unbearable to watch.
As much as I try to be the eternal optimist - I have to admit we're pretty crap really and haven't got a hope in hell of winning the tournament.
I would dearly hope that these words come back to haunt me and I eat humble pie, but I just don't see it.
Come on England - "Feel the Energy" you need all the support you can get!!!
Alright back to the music, here's an absolutely blockbuster of a track.
Packed full of energy, life and vibrance with some delightful piano thrown in for good measure.
It takes a while to get going so be patient, but boy does it explode!
This was a really great track back int'day in 1992 and a real floor filler, it was just one of those tracks that everyone loved and we all went wild to.
Top notch, I say!!

The Zeony Lee Experience - Love Energy
(The 3.03 From London Mix)

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Anonymous said...

Damn when those keys come in. Absolute banger!