Thursday, 31 May 2012

Breathe Again

This track was an absolute bugger to get hold of from start to finish. Released on 2 x 12" promo in Autumn 1998 on the 3 Beat label, it was - for some reason - denied a commercial release. It was, however, released in Australia - cue faxing one's credit card details to some obscure record shop in Cairns in a bid to acquire it on CD single. Some weeks later, it finally arrived. Tekara is a sobriquet of trance aficionado Matt Darey, and the original version of this track is a melodious breakbeat affair in a similar vein to his remix of 'The Silence' by Mike Koglin (released around the same time). What elevates 'Breathe In You' is the stunning Lost Tribe remix, which injects some much needed oomph and transforms the track into a stratosphere cruising monster which even features something of a wah-wah bassline common to speed garage at the time. 'Breathe In You' is a just killer, the very definition of euphoria trance and a sorely overlooked classic.

Tekara Featuring Lucy Cotter - Breathe In You (Lost Tribe Remix)

Solar Powered

A bona fide classic all round here, rejuvenated for a 1998 re-release by the ever-dependable Stress label (the stable that brought us Freefall and Sunday Club, amongst others). The bootleg mix layers the vocal from Pamela Fernandez' 1994 Ore-released 'Kickin' in the Beat' over the original epic instrumental, whilst Chris & James' own remake comes complete with the customary drama and ivory-tinkling one would expect from two of the most influential exponents of the 'epic house' genre.

Chris & James - Club For Life '98 (Daygo's Bootleg)

Chris & James - Club For Life '98 (Solar Power Mix)

Darey's Produce

This vocal trancer did some severe damage back in the summer of 1999, thanks in no small measure to a truly epic remix from Matt Darey. In a year where trance music peaked, to the point of saturation, 'Sun is Shining' still stood out as being a sweeping anthem of the first order. There was also a remix released from Brothers In Rhythm, but that was nowhere near as interesting as this little belter. Quite an appropriate posting given that the sun has, for once, been shining. 

Technique - Sun Is Shining (Mash Up Matt Darey Remix)

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Now I feel your love, now I know devotion!!!

I can't believe that I've not posted this until now!!
I was playing it recently and it twigged that it wasn't on the blog.
It is a huge, huge fave of mine and was a sensational track which used to devastate the dancefloor when heard in clubs.
Oakey used to bang this out -  big time.
A top top track I just love everything about it from start to finish and oh those vocals by Joanna Law - top notch!!
"Now I feel your love, now I know devotion"
"Stronger than the wind, deeper than the ocean"
Not to mention the riff that kicks in and just blows you away.
Trance perfection - no less!!
P.S. A big up to all those who have sponsored me to date, to those that haven't; please do.
The link is below;

The Space Brothers - Forgiven (I Feel Your Love)
(Dub Vocal Mix)

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Salsoul Sensation

The recent passing of Donna Summer put me in mind of another disco legend who left the land of the living last year. Though she has already been tributed on these pages, the peerless contribution of Loleatta Holloway to the club classics canon surely warrants further recognition. Rather than posting some of the usual suspects - Cevin Fisher, Black Box, Cappella, Lenny Fontana - which predominately sample different parts of the vocal from 'Love Sensation', here are a few rather more obscure examples of Ms Holloway's original recordings, including the highly apposite 'No Apology'. What an incredible voice; her ubiquity spanned literally decades, from Salsoul to Fire Island to Sunshine State; from Dan Hartman to Melted Artists to Johnny Vicious. I include the tribal house remix of 'Shout to the Top' by Club 69 on account of the fact that this is the version I remember boogeying on down to back in '98. 

Love To Infinity Vs Loleatta Holloway - No Apology (Extended Radio Mix)

Fire Island Featuring Loleatta Holloway - Shout to the Top (Club 69 Future Anthem)

Loleatta Holloway - Hit 'n Run (Classic Tenaglia Mix)


All Good Strings...

You may remember this track from the caning it used to receive on Sky Sports. You may also recollect it owing to its appearance on the 'Adventures in Tin Tin Out Land EP' which surfaced in the summer of '96. Following the release of the aforementioned extended player, 'Strings For Yasmin' took on a life of its own, its popularity culminating in a single release in 1997. It's a great example of dramatic trance belter replete with orchestration and a bit of opera chucked in for good measure. Tin Tin Out did some jaw-droppingly good remixes in their day, but their own productions were generally pretty decent. 

Tin Tin Out - Strings For Yasmin (Original Mix)

Sunday, 20 May 2012

It's Sunday, here the Sunday Club!!

A big shout out to Ian for providing the first donation to the PCC/TRM - The Running Man marathon cause for the "Get Kids Going" charity.
He requested more Sunday Club on the blog, so not to disappoint, this one's dedicated to you Ian.
The Sunday Club produced some fantastic epic trance moments, some of which are already on the blog.
This is another fantastic track (from 1998), which just takes you on a huge journey, with lots of sweeping build ups and tempo changes with some lovely ethereal vocals in the background.
Lovely jubbly!!
Thanks once again Ian, enjoy the track and I hope it encourages more donations from the wider PCC followers. Just click on the link below; Thank you.

Sunday Club - Winds Of Change
(Part 1)

Saturday, 19 May 2012

R.I.P. Donna Summer!!

It was very sad to hear of the death of Donna Summer this week.
Donna was one of the iconic Disco divas and "I Feel Love" was considered by many to be the birth of disco. Several of her tracks are posted on the blog and here is another classic.
This one from 1989 has had a fierce re-working by Clivilles and Cole, who produced some real gems.
It showcases both Donna's vocal talents and also the real quality of C&C's production.
It's got some lovely piano, some funky vibes and an all round great feel.
Donna Summer - first lady of disco!! R.I.P.

Donna Summer - Love's About To Change My Heart
(Clivilles and Cole 12" Mix)

Saturday, 12 May 2012

There's a Marathon ahead!!!

Alright peeps. I hope you are all well.
I know I only recently posted this track, but it's such a cracker that it won't harm to put it up again.
It has a massive classic from 1990 hammered by the likes of Sasha and most of the other top Jocks of that era.
There were many mixes but this was the best. Absolutely top drawer piano = lovely!!
The reason why I'm posting it again is principally due to the title "Marathon".
I've taken the plunge and decided to commit to running my first marathon, which is pretty brave to say I've never run further than 5 miles (in one go) in my life.
I'm running for a very worthwhile charity called "Get Kids Going" which aims to provide opportunities for young disabled people to participate in Sport.
Sport has played a wonderful part in my life and is one of my passions along with House Music of course.
I've created a separate blog called The Running Man which will capture my journey and experiences.
Please check it out if you get chance
Also it would be wonderful if you make donations to the "Get Kids Going" charity which I'm running for.
I'm aiming to raise over £2,000, which should be achievable with your support.
To donate just click on the Virgin Money Giving logo (top right) or follow this link
Even the smallest contributions count, so please give generously. Eternally grateful.
Of course I will keep the tunes coming on the PCC blog, although I'm not quite sure how I'm going to find the time to run two blogs and all the training I've got to undertake.
Please support The Running Man (TRM) as PCC now becomes TRM.
Meanwhile enjoy the track.
Marathon - here I come "Just Keep Moving, Just Keep Grooving" never seemed so apt!!

Marathon - Movin'
(Lee's House Mix)

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Let this one soothe your soul!!!

Bring on the Sunday Club.
By far one of the favourite remixers of the PCC team.
This was a track which has been on the PCC "Most Wanted List" for a while.
Big shout out to Ian for hunting it down for us.
It is (as you'd expect) another sensational remix from the Sunday Club team.
Just check out the piano breakdown in this. Stunning!!
Turn on, tune in and bliss out!!

Furry Phreaks - Soothe
(Sunday Club Remix)

Why naked? Any ideas?

This is an old classic, very raw but very effective.
You get the feeling with this one that it's not really going anywhere and then you get these huge piano explosions just thrown in.
This was a big track back in 1990.
It's very raw and minimalistic but very powerful at the same time.
A top workout by Frank De Wulf.
Definitely a classic!

C Concept - Why Naked?

Save the Drowning Man!!

I've had this one lined up to post for many months, but never got round to it until now.
It's a peach of a track and you'll notice the D-Ream influence as soon as you hear it.
You probably wouldn't identify much of a Duran Duran element, but it an excellent track.
Very much in a floaty proggy type feel, we flows nicely and has some lovely piano chords which build and build.
Some good choice lyrics as well
"So what we are going for is called reality, you know what I'm saying?"
"It's called being real!"
I can never decide which version I prefer as they are both excellent, so I've posted the ambient mix as well.
This was big back in 1993.

Duran Duran - Drowning Man
(D:Ream Mix)

Duran Duran - Drowning Man
(D:Ream Ambient Mix)