Sunday, 8 April 2012

It's A Riot!

This track is by the superb Todd Terry, working under the name Black Riot. It is a piece of classic house music from 1990 and was a Sasha favorite.

Just Make That Move (Master Dub) - Black Riot


martine said...

like it a lot, not heard before, raw!

Alex said...


Just stumbled accross your blog, and seems like we have pretty much exactly the same taste. Some great stuff you've posted here. :)

I've been hunting a couple of the Jimmy Gomez mixes you upped for ages, particularly Dillema - In Spirit.

I'm sure you hate people asking for re-uploads, but I've got a few tunes I'd be happy to pass on... I have a few of his mixes that are a little harder to find (Perfect Motion, amongst others) and also have Sunday Club's mix of Soothe floating around here somewhere. :)

What's the best way to get files to you?

Keep up the great work. Cheers,