Friday, 20 April 2012

I'll be walkin' on!!

This has been in my list of tracks for ages, yet I keep thinking that I must have posted it by now and hence keep overlooking it.
It was a big fave of mine and a huge Hac anthem which Mr Park used to hammer back in 1992.
It's a great example of classic house music, great vocals, great lyrics, crunching beats and of course that all important piano.
Top top house music.
There are quite a few mixes of this track, but this one always remains my fave.

Sheer Bronze - Walkin' On
(7" Club Mix)


nostalgiafor95 said...

classic - the our tribe mix from '94 was well good.

Mark S said...

Farley & Heller did a great remix of this one, although you can't beat the Live Mix from 92'