Thursday, 19 April 2012


Hyper Go Go were responsible for some of the most bouncy and piano-intensive house tracks of the early '90s. Perhaps best known for the Rhythm Masters-remixed 'High', which crossed over into the UK charts upon its '96 re-issue, the act released a clutch of singles all of the highest caliber. 'Never Let Go' was Positiva-released in 1993 with the aptly named 'Piano mix' proving the definitive version. As its name suggests, this is a gargantuan piano effort that has aged very well considering its venerability. 

Hyper Go Go - Never Let Go (Piano Mix)


philphila said...

PCC all the way. Thank you!

Pure Club Classics said...

Old Skool all the way, coated with a slice or two of Edam, but lovely all the same. I remember seeing Hyper Go Go live back in '92. Cheese on a stick!!

Mark S said...

Some great singles including the one posted here, although High (Original mix) is probably my fave.

boscfc said...


Love the Mukkaa Mix of this too.

For pure feel-good cheese I'm going to go for "Raise" as my all time Hyper Go-Go fave.