Saturday, 10 March 2012

Love it!!!

Old Skool piano anyone?? Yeah, I thought so.
Talk about loving it forever!!
Adam has certainly got all the epic, proggy, trance posts in hand, so I'll stick to PCCs of a slightly different ilk, covering old skool, balearic, classic house!!
Here's an old skool Italian House classic, hammered by the likes of Sasha back in't day!!!
I know I've already posted it before, but it's the next remix which is really special (it even says so in the title!!)
The "Special Orchestra Mix" is just amazing!!
It is a truly delightful piece of music, certainly less clubby but certainly not less impressive.
Lush is the word!!
This one goes out to Ed - who brought this delightful version to my attention.
Cheers fella, Top man!!

Johnny Parker - Love It Forever
(Special Mix)

Johnny Parker - Love It Forever
(Special Orchestra Mix)


Chris Horner said...

I really like the "Special Orchestra Mix" as it has a really nice laid back vibe.

DLMPINOY said...

special orchestra mix is deleted. whew...!

Pure Club Classics said...

I've re-uploaded the link should be fine now, If there are anymore you find let me know and I'll sort regards, PCC

Joseph McGeehan said...

I have been trying for years to track down an mp3 download of Johnny Parker - Love It Forever (Special Orchestra Mix) - would anyone have one ? I am happy to pay for the track also.