Sunday, 4 March 2012

Live life to the full, Someday is today!!

All those that follow the blog know what a sucker I am for a great piano tune.
This one just fits the bill.
It's a great piano tinged club classic, which combines some great piano with some superb vocals to give a huge hands in the air anthem.
This one was massive back in 1994 and still sounds great today.

Eddy - Someday
(Diesel And Ether Live And Direct Mix)


Mark S said...

Great tune which seemed to get played everywhere back then :)

nostalgiafor95 said...

I remember buying this on cassette single; the downtempo radio version was, and still is, excellent; she did a follow up single called 'You bring out the best in me' which featured some top notch mixes by Gems For Jem.