Sunday, 11 March 2012

Just a touch of Love - oh yeah!!!

Here's an absolutely blinding house classic.
Don't be put off by remembering back to the cheesy version which hit the pop charts in 1990.
This mix is the real deal.
It's an amazing track which feels like about 5 tracks in one, it changes style and tempo so many times and keeps you entirely engrossed throughout.
It's got some great piano laced in, thumping, crunching beats, but the best bit is when the riff kicks in at 2mins 32 secs. That is one massive moment. Just tops!!!
Also give it a few listens as it gets better every time you listen to it.
Love the ending as well when they are all chattering!
It was a big Hacienda classic to boot and hammered by Mr Park.
Clivilles and Cole were one of the greatest remix combo's ever and produced some remarkable tracks back in't day. This is one of their finest. Immense in every way.
If you don't like this, then you don't like house music period!!!

C&C Music Factory - Just A Touch Of Love (Everyday)
(Keyboard Express Mix)


LeedsDJ said...

Remember tracking this down on vinyl after hearing it on - believe it or not - Sister Act!! Great tune, cheers!

Rich Rowley said...

fcukin brilliant!

Jean Michel Devotion said...

File Belongs to Suspended Account.

The resource you are trying access belongs to an account that has been suspended

DLMPINOY said...

love to download this. but supended account stopped me. pls, pls, reupload this. a million thanks.

Pure Club Classics said...

Hi Buddy, I've re-uploaded the link, it should be fine now. Enjoy it's a cracker, regards, PCC