Friday, 9 March 2012

I Need A Witness

From one house classic to the next, 'Can I Get A Witness?' - by former Sounds of Blackness singer Ann Nesby - was utterly ubiquitous towards the end of 1996. Released on the legendary AM:PM label, which brought us innumerable high calibre tracks from the likes of Love Tribe, Submerge and Masters At Work, 'Witness' is surely representative of Mousse T's finest hour. Funky beyond measure and equipped with some seriously earth-shaking vocals, 'Can I Get A Witness?' has retained its anthemic status despite some rather unusual subject matter. 

Ann Nesby - Can I Get A Witness? (Mousse T's Funk 2000 Mix)


Pure Club Classics said...

Not feeling this one at all. Sorry buddy!!

Chris Horner said...

Same here, I like Mousee T but this doesn't seem to go anywhere.

aldo said...


This is top drawer!!!!

Learnt to mix with this tune..