Tuesday, 7 February 2012

A Nod and a Wink

Every so often, a track comes along that completely blows your mind and confounds your expectations. Such was the case with 'I'm Ready', an unrelenting hypnotic groove replete with a Barbara Tucker sample chucked in for good measure. It is perhaps the breakdown that makes this track so special, it is absolutely unremitting - almost to the point of giving the impression that it will literally go on forever, prior to eventually exploding and taking the roof with it. This track was issued at the end of 1995, in the wake of the unprecedented chart success of 'Higher State of Consciousness'. 'I'm Ready' was play-listed by Radio 1. I can't imagine tuning into a commercial radio station these days and having my senses assailed by such an underground number. How times have changed; for the worse, in my estimation. 

Size 9 - I'm Ready (Wink's '95 Remix) 



Pure Club Classics said...

Great post once again. Probably the longest drum roll in dance music history!!!
The drum roll and build up is amazing, my only disappointment with this track is that it doesn't really quick on after the drum roll like many other great progressive/trance tracks. PCC all the same though!

Jlee said...

One of the tracks i played most. Every dj should have this. Its such a classic. Great share. Oh and by the way, Wink is a genius!

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