Monday, 6 February 2012


Nineteen-ninety-six was a stellar year for the React label, which continued to push the boundaries in dance with a slew of innovative compilations, as well as individual artist releases. The fourth single from Mrs Wood was released in the summer of that year, in the shape of 'Heartbreak'. The follow-up to her immense, TDV remixed 'Joanna'; 'Heartbreak' features the inimitable Eve Gallagher on vocal duties. The original version is unabashedly cheesy, and all the better for it, whilst Mrs Wood & Kevin White's 'Whitewood' sobriquet offers up a techno-hard trance variation. The 'Working Hard' mix was produced by CJ Scott of the Happy Clappers, and showcases that act's trademark piano-based sound, as interposed with the highly distinctive vocals. This is not the best-known release in the React back catalogue, yet it is definitely up there with their best output. 

Mrs Wood Featuring Eve Gallagher - Heartbreak (Working Hard Mix)

Mrs Wood Featuring Eve Gallagher - Heartbreak (Vocal Mix)


Lu said...

Speaking of Happy Clappers, I'd like to know your opinion on 'I believe'. I think it's a nice track, definitely a PCC in my opinion.

Chris Horner said...

The vocal mix in my opinion is awful but the Working Hard mix is very good. I like tracks that are borderline cheese and the vocal mix was TOO cheesy.

Niniev said...

Forgot about this, was a bit more commercial than Joanna, but still a great tune.

nostalgiafor95 said...

Re: the Happy Clappers I think 'I believe' suffered from severe overkill; it was reissued on at least four occasions. I prefer 'Never Again', and the Candy Girls and The Shaker remixes of 'Can't Help It' are likewise easy on the ear.

The original mix is definitely cheesey, the vocals cheese on a stick, but you've got to love it!