Thursday, 23 February 2012

Disco Citizenship

This stunning, ethereal floaty-trance number surfaced at the beginning of 1997 and received a rather low-key release on Edel. Chicane dons his Disco Citizens guise to deliver a sensational remix, not one of the best known Chicane re-works, but definitely one of the best, and a sorely underrated classic. In return for remixing the track, Luce Drayton provided vocals for the album version of 'Sunstroke' on Chicane's magnum opus 'Far From the Maddening Crowds'. 

Luce Drayton - To Be Loved (Disco Citizens Remix)


Pure Club Classics said...

Loving this, a new one to me, but very nice and vibey. Top post buddy!!

anthony808 said...

I've only heard the Disco Citizens R+D Edit) from the Hackers 2 soundtrack. I've never been able to find the full length mix. Great site btw... a lot of these tracks take me back.