Saturday, 28 January 2012

Rhetorical Rapture

Another Italian stomper of mysterious provenance, ‘And I’ll Be There’ was issued in the UK on FFRR’s commercial arm FFRREEDOM in late summer 1995. Unabashedly cheesy in its original form, the track benefited from a blistering rework care of Undiscovered label-mates LWS, who famously released the harmonica-infused ‘Gosp’ in 1994. This track might well prove insufficiently underground for some palates, but the phenomenal nature of the breakdown and attendant elongated vocal cannot be denied. ‘And I’ll Be There’ is a little-known gem that exudes the ‘fun’ of Italian commercial house, a genre which seldom took itself too seriously. Apparently, Antonomasia is a figure of speech used in rhetoric, quite how that concept relates to the track at hand is a bit of a mystery.

Antonomasia – And I’ll Be There (LWS Bitch Mix)


Lu said...

I like a bit of humor and joke in music, it's refreshing after all this seriousness. And Italians know best how to achieve that. Like Gino Latino (maybe a bit on his tracks on this blog?) Or the new guys, like Fare Soldi.

Pure Club Classics said...

Not heard this one before (that I can remember of), seems like to type of track which Jon of the Pleased Wimmin would have played. Likin' it!!

-=xaudiox=- said...

What a tune !!