Monday, 30 January 2012

Love & Snappiness

Arguably one of the most influential Balearic numbers of the last twenty or so years, 'Snappiness' was first released in 1990, percolating amongst taste-makers for a number of years until a more prolific re-issue ensued some six years since. The Hi Life re-release featured the tastefully updated 'Revisited dub', alongside some of the original ambient mixes, as well as a Hardfloor-aping, rather head-banging version from Zen Terrorists. Featured here is the 'Revisited edit' (for some reason my CD single of this track does not include the full length dub, though Discogs insists that it ought to); and one of the lilting, balearic versions that made this track so indispensable and special the first time around. 

BBG - Snappiness (Revisited Dub Edit)

BBG - Snappiness (Evolution)

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Pure Club Classics said...

Haven't played this for ages. Still sounds superb. A true PCC, nice one Adam.