Friday, 27 January 2012

The Key To Your Love

‘Stronger together’ surfaced in 1997 on the inimitable Hi Life label, an imprint responsible for, in my opinion, some of the finest tracks of the time. The track was produced by Amethyst, the Jackpot-signed exponents of progressive and acid-tinged house. ‘Stronger together’ was quite a low-key release, and featured progressive trance reshuffles from the likes of Slacker, The Forth and Andy Ling. This is the original version, a building, driving vocal number encapsulating the extant progressive sound of Autumn ’97. 

Sian - Stronger Together (Original Vocal Mix) 


Pure Club Classics said...

Oh yeah, loving this fella. I've not heard this before (or at least not that I can remember). Corking track, keep 'em there buddy, regards, PCC

dancingboy said...

wow had forgotten about this had it stolen with hundreds of others, had the double pack. love it love it :0)

Blogger said...

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