Saturday, 15 October 2011

"I Love Your Precious Heart"!!!

Staying on the rock cover theme, here's two great tracks which sample an extremely well known rock song.
This time it's "Never Tear Us Apart" by INXS,  and again done very effectively.
The Exhange version takes a hell of a long time time to peak, but be patient as it builds and builds superbly and then when it does peaks, it is pure heaven as it releases the chorus;
"Don't ask me, what you know is true"
"Don't have to tell me, I love your Precious Heart"
The Tall Paul version is very similar in style but probably a tad more instant and more vibey.
I'm not sure which version I prefer as I think both are great.
You decide!!!

Exchange - Precious Heart

Tall Paul vs INXS - Precious Heart 

( Riva Mix )


Chris Horner said...

I think the Exchange version is actually the original mix of the Tall Paul version.

missyf said...

this always makes me want to cry but in a good way!

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