Saturday, 10 September 2011

Let's get this house stompin'!!!

There were  loads of remixes of this track, many were not that good and IMHO sort of diluted the effectiveneess of this track.
It was a track widely played out by a lot of DJs, but quite often they seemed to play the ineffective remixes (notably the Big Bump Mix).
The "Ramp Housin' Mix" was by far the best mix IMHO.
It builds into a huge progressive house stormer and was a massive track out in clubs (when the correct remix was played).
Like all PCCs it is a track which still sounds very effective when played today and puts a lot of this "current" electro nonsense to shame.
Proper house music IMHO - Let's get this "House Stompin'!!!"

Bump - House Stompin'
(Ramp Housin' Mix)

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