Saturday, 13 August 2011

Bent over double about this!!!

Now and again tracks come along which really blow you away.
This is one of those such tracks.
It is absolutley exquisite.
A fantastic example of beautifully created laid back house music (from 2001).
The track has such an amazing feel and atmosphere.
It is a truly stunning remix by Ashley Beedle, the vocals are very wayout, but the whole tempo and emotion of the track is just stunning.
House music of the very finest quality.
When you compare this to some of the electro bleepy nonsense produced nowadays, there really is no comparison.
P.S. Hope you like the picture, brings a new meaning to Bend it like Beckham!!

Bent - Always
(Ashley Beedle's Mahavishnu Remix)


Anonymous said...

got to agree about this. A classic for sure.

Anonymous said...

Really nice remix. PCC does it again.

Stakker1971 said...

Wow that little raindrop piano piece for an ending is pure subliminal magic!! Very Nice!

aztee said...

Yeah, agree with every word is said here. This remix is a piece of art.

robbiedani said...

like it