Sunday, 31 July 2011

A big Oakey number....

A big Oakey track from back in 1999.
It couples the brilliance of Radiohead with a driving pumping trance beat.
The Radiohead track is hauntingly beautiful (as with most Radiohead tracks), it has a lovely guitar loop and some superb vocals.
You mix this with a pounding beat and you have a bonafide PCC.
A superb track!!

Wonky vs. Radiohead - Street Spirit

Saturday, 30 July 2011

The Shamen's finest hour!!!

I was never a big fan of The Shamen, (or Mr C's DJ-ing for that matter) but this is IMHO their finest hour by far.
This mix is simply awesome.
(You can almost forgive them for Ebeneezer Goode for this one). I did say almost!!
From start to finish it is full of explosive energy, a corking piano stomper of a track, guaranteed to knock your socks off.
There are loads of other mixes of this track, some good, some not, but none as good as this.
Strap your self down, buckle up tight and prepare for lift off.
If you like some of the LuvDup tracks and remixes I've posted then you'll like this.
A big shout out to Ed for providing the inspiration for this one.
Nice one fella.

The Shamen - Destination Eschaton 
(Vission Lorimer Dome Mix)

Just check the piano!!!

There are lots of dance tracks that simply need a bit of patience, as many don't peak until well into the track.
This is a prime example, it just appears to be a track stumbling and bumbling along, but then it absolutely explodes and takes the roof off.
The piano in this is nothing less than explosive - trust me!!
Apply a little patience as it doesn't kick in until 3mins 28 secs, but boy, is it worth it.
A proper piano stomper!!
Come on "Work your body"!!!
Rock on!!!

Moonchild - V.O.A.T. (Variations On A Theme)
(Original Mix)

Saturday, 23 July 2011

It's been 3 days to the hour, since you've been gone..

I totally love this track,  it has one of the best and most dramatic intro's ever.
The rest of the track is good but it's the intro that really does it for me
It was often one which DJ's used to use to open their sets, as that intro was so great.
All in all a top house track from 1994 and one which brings back some great memories.
I always remember this being a big track at Love To Be in Sheffield back in 1994.
P.S. For all you budding DJ's out there - try opening your set with this it'll go down a storm!!
P.P.S. - This track has absolutely nothing to do with the Rick (G)Astley version - I promise (other than sharing the same title). Lol

Ruby Turner - Never Gonna Give You Up
(Big Bump Mix)

Sunday, 17 July 2011

All aboard the underground express!!

An absolutely corking track from 1994, which I used to love and still do.
The original mix is pretty good, but this Graeme Park remix (like all of his remix work) is just stunning.
A track which starts off well, builds and builds and just gets better and better the longer it goes on.
It's very housey in style, but also very funky and very progressive at the same time!
I just loves the breakdowns on this, they are absolutely tops - they feels very much like being on an underground express.
K-Klass have produced some great stuff in their time and this is up there with their best.
I suppose a testament to the quality of both K-Klass and Graeme Park is that they are both still out there still DJ-ing at the forefront of dance music.

K-Klass - Underground Express
(Graeme Park Remix)

Friday, 15 July 2011

Rock to the beat, said rock to the beat!

Coming at you with another huge house classic.
This track has always been huge and still sounds fantastic today despite it being 21 years old.
Reese was another alter ego for the great Kevin Saunderson (House music legend and later of Inner City fame).
The track is simply a timeless classic.
The Hitman mix is always the one that does it for me.
Come on " Rock to the beat, said rock to the beat"
A true PCC!!

Reese - Rock To The Beat
(Hitman Mix)

Saturday, 9 July 2011

One for the latino's!!!!

This is an absolutely fantastic track, totally full of energy from start to finish.
It's got an amazing pounding rhythm yet remains funky and uplifting throughout.
You'll know the superb vocals, but it's that thumping bouncing piano driven vibe that makes it.
The track just keeps getting better and better from start to finish.
Just wait until it steps up another gear again at 2mins 2 secs - very LuvDup-ish.
Just a quality, quality track.
I'm sorry if you don't like this, you ain't got a dancing bone in your body.
Enjoy - you can't but not!!!
And here's another great pic of our favourite Latino - take a bow J-Lo.

Tito Puente Jr & The Latin Rhythm - Oye Como Va
(House Mix)

In and out of my life!!!

A great house track from from 1993, with a corking Cleveland City remix.
They did some quality stuff back in the day.
This one is a great funky house track.
A great teasing rhythm, that builds into a great chorus.
I totally love the synth breakdowns at 4 mins 27 secs - Lovely....
House music as we know and love it.

Tonja Dantzler - In And Out Of My Life
(Cleveland City Full Mix)

In your dreams!!!!!

Another huge favourite of mine from back in the day.
This was remixed in 1995 and was a massive club hit on all the nations best dance floors.
A cover of the classic Fleetwood Mac original (from 1977 - which still sounds great).
Wild Colour were another alias for Oakey and Steve Osbourne, which explains why the track was so good.
There were lots of mixes of this one, but two really stood out for me.
The Perfecto mix was probably the most widely played out in clubs, but it is the BT mix that does it for me.
All 11 mins 45 secs of it. It takes you on a great journey with lots of superb piano chords and great use of the vocals.
Immense indeed.
Dreams do come true - believe it!!!

Wild Colour - Dreams
(BT's Circadian Mix)

Wild Colour - Dreams
(Perfecto Club Mix)

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Feeling poorly, this will help!!!

Apologies all for the lack of activity on the blog of late, I've been out of the country on business travels of late.
Here we are back with a bang to soothe those house music pains.
Does anyone every remember having Milk of magnesia as a child. I certainly do.
About the track, superb laid back house music from 1991, it's one of those tracks that you may not remember from the title, but you'll soon remember when you hear it.
It's got a great laid back feel and as you'd expect Mr Knuckles adds some delightful touches of piano.
Enjoy, quality house music is the remedy!!!

Bam Bam Musique - Milk Of Magnesia 
(Knuckles Tribute Mix)