Saturday, 4 June 2011

Go on then, more "piano tunes"!!!

I think that most clubbers out there would feel that the years of 1990 and 1992 when all the old skool piano tunes were first out was arguably the most exciting time for the actual music played in clubs.
That being that the tracks of that era were just the perfect recipe for a night of non-stop "ecstatic" dancefloor action. The fact that they all had the obligatory "hands in the air" piano riffs was the critical success factor!!
It was in this era when IMHO Sasha was at his absolute best as a DJ, playing the tracks which everyone wanted to hear and made places like Shelley's in Longton go down in clubbing legend.
Here's another fine example of a classic of a track from that era.
Full of piano, lots of cheesy samples, but totally full of energy and life.
"Come on take me up, take me up now"
"Let your body freak, come on"
Old skool piano tunes, don't we just love them?

Jason Joy - Free Your Body
(Piano Mix)


boscfc said...

Proper hands in the air tune this one.

Great post.

Danielle said...

@boscfc totally.

Those were the days.

Unknown said...

Piano tunes are my absolute favorite. I never get tired of them. Quite Proper.