Sunday, 12 June 2011


There can be very few tracks out there that were as enjoyable as dancing to this track back in the day!!!
It was an absolute sing-along anthem, although we quite often song the lyrics to;
"I'm on Ecstasy"!!! Lol. (in fact I think there was a version that said that as well).
An absolute stormer of a track from 1991 and one that was massive for many DJ's and always a biggie with Sasha.
Just an true PCC.
It's a little remiss of me to have taken so long to have posted this, as it is a true monster!!
Great piano, great vocals, lyrics which really spelt out the emotion and feeling for all of us clubbers who were in a world of true euphoria.
"I'm your ecstasy, come go with me"
"I'm your fantasy, come dance with me"
The days may have gone but the memories still go on and will never die.
"Dance with me, Dance with me, Dance with me, Dance with me, Dance with me, Dance with me, Dance with me, Dance with me"
P.S. Feel free to answer the survey - 65% is a strong majority - me thinks!!!

Control - Dance With Me (I'm Your Ecstasy) 
(Original Mix)


djmiguelcd said...

one of many house songs that never go out of style ...
mjeor my 90s era dance''..''

Philphila said...


commonpeopleparty said...

perfect early 90s house. my workday just got 1000x better

Anonymous said...

Sperb keep em coming

Chaz said...

Wow, This song is incredible! Love the Keys in this track really set the mood! Thanks PCC!!

Mark S said...

I had this track on a CD compilation back in 1991 called Hardcore Essential or something like that.