Saturday, 28 May 2011

This is the sound of summer!!

Well I keep hearing that we are set to have a fantastic summer in England this year, but I haven't seen it as yet.
Just in anticipation, here's a track which is perfect to kick start the summer season.
This was a major favourite back in 1992 and I have some fond memories of jigging away to this in Back to Basics at the Music Factory (in Leeds).
It's just a superb feel good track very Flamenco in style - lots of lovely piano and the "get dizzy" vocal snippets.
The "Hot Latin Mix" and the "Salsa Mix" are both superb, so I've posted both.
Enjoy - Summer's coming!!!!
This'll certainly bring out the Latin blood in you!!
When I think Latin I usually thinking J Lo, so here's another pic of the stunning lady!!

Latin Blood - Deseo
(Hot Latin Mix)

Latin Blood - Deseo
(Salsa Mix)


Dirk said...

this is another 1992 summery track that goes well with Latin Blood

Salsero - Parane (Tribal)

Pure Club Classics said...

Thanks Dirk, it was pleasant track, but it didn't have the passion and energy of "Deseo" IMHO. Cheers all the same, Regards, PCC

Mark S said...

Italo House at it's best in 1992. I remember Tongy playing this on his R1 Essential Selection show.