Friday, 29 April 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen.. Put Your Hands Together

Yes indeed, Ladies and Gentlemen put your hands together to celeberate the marriage of our future King to his delightful new wife.
Here's hoping that they have a fabulous day and a great marriage together and bring back some class to the royal family, so badly damaged by Charles and the trollop that is Camilla.
Back to the music, the track is a big PCC and a another top track from Todd the God.
It's chocker full of samples including PM Dawn's - Watcher Point of View (a track remixed by Todd also), DHS - House of God, and lots of other clever samples.
I remember Todd dropping it when he played at the L'America event at the Leeds Corn Exchange back in 1993 and it blew the gaff big time. What a top night that was, the set Todd played was amazing, it was also probably the most self promoting set I've ever heard from a DJ, everything he played was either a track created by himself or a remix he'd done. (Very much I love me, who do you love).
Anyway, great track, so please Puts Your Hands Together for our royal couple!

Todd Terry - Put Your Hands Together


Daniel said...

Just knew the blog and it's amaziiiing!
Now I want to download the tracks ;P
Great job!

Alex said...

Hi this track is amazing, great work. any chance of the password?