Friday, 29 April 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen.. Put Your Hands Together

Yes indeed, Ladies and Gentlemen put your hands together to celeberate the marriage of our future King to his delightful new wife.
Here's hoping that they have a fabulous day and a great marriage together and bring back some class to the royal family, so badly damaged by Charles and the trollop that is Camilla.
Back to the music, the track is a big PCC and a another top track from Todd the God.
It's chocker full of samples including PM Dawn's - Watcher Point of View (a track remixed by Todd also), DHS - House of God, and lots of other clever samples.
I remember Todd dropping it when he played at the L'America event at the Leeds Corn Exchange back in 1993 and it blew the gaff big time. What a top night that was, the set Todd played was amazing, it was also probably the most self promoting set I've ever heard from a DJ, everything he played was either a track created by himself or a remix he'd done. (Very much I love me, who do you love).
Anyway, great track, so please Puts Your Hands Together for our royal couple!

Todd Terry - Put Your Hands Together

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Smile... Jesus Loves You!!

Happy Easter everyone and what better way to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, then with a superb laid back Balearic groove.
This is arguably Boy George's finest dance (recording) moment.
A lovely laid back, mellow Balearic vibe, perfect for chilling on those fabulous summer's nights which we are currently experiencing.
Paul Oakenfold on the mix of this one.
Great little MC Kinky rap as well.
Remember people, Jesus Loves You!!
Enjoy the Easter break.

Jesus Loves You - Generations of Love 
(Land of Oz 12" Mix)

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Simply beautiful....

Now this is truly beautiful, in every sense of the word!!!
A fantastic peaceful melodic piece of laid back dance music, with such a amazing and uplifting vibe.
It has some lovely ethereal vocals and some divine piano.
It was a track I'd not heard before, but one that somebody on the blog requested. (Apologies, I've forgot who it was).
However, here you go - enjoy this truly "beautiful" track.
Drown in the sea of bliss!!!
P.S. A great excuse to post a picture of the truly beautiful J Lo

Julie Spencer - Beautiful
(Club Mix)

Friday, 15 April 2011

Promises, Promises........

It's not often that you get two versions of the same track that are so truly wonderful and yet so very, very different.
They are both two tracks which I absolutely love.
The "Original 12" Vocal" is a true Balearic classic, with it's wonderful Spanish guitar, castanets, some amazing tinkly piano and that gorgeous summer feel to it.
Then there's the Fabi Paras remix, which is an absolute Progressive house stormer, which just blows you away from that very first chord. Massive in every aspect.
Two truly superb pieces of dance music.

Whyte - Promises
(Original 12" Vocal)

Whyte - Promises

Ooh feel that Love Itch!!!

Now for something completely different.
I first got introduced to this song by an old friend many years ago back in 1994, having never heard it before and instantly fell in love with it.
It is of course a re-work of the Rochelle Fleming classic, but updated and housed up.
It's a delightful piece of laid back house music.
It's got some great vocals, a wonderful laid back vibe and real quality about it.
Funky as hell, to boot, with some wonderful sax.
Pure quality!!

Sonya Roche - Love Itch 
(Straight Mix)

Can't get no sleep??

This was one of my favourite house tracks.
It first came out in 1993 and it was one of those tracks that just never went away.
This is my favourite version, a remix by Morales which was done in 1995.
The track is a pure house classic which truly demonstrates the talents of Vega and Gonzalez.
The vocals by India are first class as well.
The Morales remix is as you would expect bouncy with some great piano.
Did it get overplayed back in the day?
Yes, probably, but only because it was so bloody good!!!

Masters At Work - I Can't Get No Sleep 
(Morales Late Night Mix)

All I really want......

Another stormer from Mary J.
Again remixed by the talents of Uno Clio.
A big vibey house number with some great piano.
That piano drop on 2mins 9 secs is awesome
I can't believe that this one dates back to 1994, it certainly doesn't seem like 17 years have gone by since I was bopping and grooving away on the dance floor to this.
Where does time go?
Enjoy and don'y forget - Be Happy!!!

Mary J. Blige - Be Happy 
(Uno Clio Mix)

Have you a "joy for life"??

I certainly hope so.
Here's a cracking track from 1995 and another which used to be a big fave of mine.
I believe Jimmy Gomez (and Gordon Kaye) was behind this, hence it probably explains why it's so good.
It's a really lively vibey track, pumped full of energy and bouncy rhythms.
"Come on warm it up" 
"My whole world's upside down"

Joy For Life - Warm It Up 
(Dub Mix)

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Are you a Hot Shot??

Although most of the music posted on the blog is typically 1987 to 2000, there wouldn't have been all that fantastic music produced if it wasn't for the disco era before it laying all the foundations.
This is one of my favourites from that disco era.
It is a truly stupendous track with such amazing energy and a funky flow and brilliant powerful vocals.
It is a total PCC without a doubt.
It is now 33 years old and it still sounds absolutely brilliant.
A Hot Shot indeed!!!
Get on it!!

Karen Young - Hot Shot

Monday, 4 April 2011

Take Me To The Top !

Kristaal - Take Me To The Top (Piano Mix)

1993 [OUT Records] - Italy

Classic house-piano track from the golden age of italo-house.
Created by: Marius Percali (2 Examples) House/dance master.


Sunday, 3 April 2011

Pure Balearic Heaven...

Here's proving that everything on the blog doesn't have to be old skool and banging.
As you'll know I'm a huge fan of all things Balearic.
This track is pure Balearic Bliss and one of the best Balearic tracks of recent times, as it only came out in 2003.
An absolutely exquisite piece of music, so chilled and laid back, but equally exciting and endearing, beautiful simple vocals with it as well. Just pure quality.
Just check these lyrics as well, bliss - perfect for singing to your loved one

Oh nothing's going to change my love for you
I wanna spend my life with you
So we make love on the grass under the moon
No one call tell, damned if I do
Forever journey on golden avenues
I drift in your eyes since I love you
I got that beat in my veins for only rule
Love is to share, mine is for you
Enjoy, it's immense.

Sebastien Tellier - La Ritournelle

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Can you feel the temperature rising??

Well maybe not outside in Blighty, but you certainly used to when these two tracks were dropped.
Both were huge tracks back in 1991.
I remember Sasha used to drop the PKA track regularly.
It's strange that two tracks came out very much at the same time with very much the same theme.
I'm not sure which came first, but as a punt I would suggest that the PKA pilfered from the Monica De Luxe version? (Can anyone enlighten me?)
Nevertheless, the are both huge piano anthems - 1991 was certainly the year of piano anthems - proper old skool.
I love it when the Monica De Luxe version slows down and then comes back out you - hot!
If I had to choose a favourite though it would have to be the PKA track, the intro is immense and it used to blow the roof off, then when the piano kicks in - heaven!!!
Two amazing old skool classics!!

Monica De Luxe - The Temperature's Rising
(UK Club Mix)

PKA - Temperature Rising 
(Bigger & Better Mix)