Saturday, 26 March 2011

Tribute to one of the vocals of our time!!

You may be aware that Loleatta Holloway passed away this week, hence this track is posted as a tribute to one of the finest female vocalists to have graced the dance music scene.
Everyone will have their own favourite Loleatta track, like "Relight My Fire", "Hit and Run" or "Love Sensation", not to mention all the Black Box tracks which plagiarised her vocals.
This track was originally released way back in 1984 with a superb vocal from Loleatta, however it is the house remake which I like best (which I don't think is actually Loleatta on the vocal).
It is fast funky, contains some wonderful storming piano and is truly anthemic.
It's a truly awesome track.
In fact they are both truly wonderful tracks in the own right.
R.I.P. Queen of the Vocal!!!

Loleatta Holloway - Crash Goes Love
(Extended Original 12")

Loleatta Holloway - Crash Goes Love 
(Extended House Remix)


miamoo said...

amazing voice, love sensation will always be a fav of mine

Anonymous said...

The Star!!!

Manchestersimon said...

Great track from an amazing vocalist. Thanks for this gem!

DLMPINOY said...

great vintage! a beautiful addition to my loleatta collection. thanks PCC!

grunty said...

love this one, tho Dreamin' is the track for me - how many people have sampled that one?

malbear99 said...

I love the house mix of this track i have it on 12" vynil which i cant play anymore..