Sunday, 25 April 2010

"You can't escape, you can't escape my wild love"!!!

Anyone who follows this blog will know of my great liking for Chris and James remixes and although this one isn't one of their most well known - it is right up there with some of their best (IMHO)!!.
Joy Lynn White was a not too well known Country singer and Chris and James absolutely transform this track into a huge club anthem.
Lots of great banging piano, some great chord changes and some superb breakdowns.
"You can't escape, you can't escape my wild love"!!!
Absolutely tops in my opinion, god that piano sounds good!! Just wait for the peak at 4.00 mins - awesome!!
These were the sort of tracks that absolutely rocked the dancefloors of the nations top clubs in the early 90's. Get on it.
By the way the Undertones of House is another C&J alias.
Chris, James, not heard from you for a while chaps, if you're out there drop me a line!!

Joy Lynn White - Wild Love
(Undertones Of House Mix)

Who wants another house classic??

Yeah course you do. A fantastic house track and fantastic remix from Mr Park himself.
Inner City were probably the best and most consistent producers of great house music through the late 80's and early 90's. Kevin Saunderson was one of the true pioneers of house music and Paris Grey was a great vocalist.
I've already posted several of their tracks on this blog. This one is everything you'd expect from Inner City - great vocals, pure quality house music and Mr Park then adds the fantastic piano chords to raise the bar even further.
Top drawer house music matey - you'd better believe it!!

Inner City - Share My Life
(Graeme Park Vocal Mix)

talk to the hand!

talk to the hand(illicit mix)
fantastic remix by illicit aka dillion & dickin's
nowt much else to say apart from play it loud

honeyz"talk to the hand" illicit remix

Saturday, 24 April 2010

"How are feeling, it's a beautiful morning???"

I hope you all like this one - as it certainly looks like a beautiful morning outside and what better way to start it off with then listening to this track.
The track is one of the most uplifting you could wish for - with some beautiful vocals.
It just has a really sensational feel about it, full of atmosphere, full of hope, very inspiring and most definitely very uplifting.
Whether in the car or in the house turn it up loud, open those windows and feel the inspiration.
It is indeed a beautful morning!!!
I've included 2 mixes which are both very good, although I think that the BBG mix slightly edges it, as it is a bit more instant and a bit more vocally, with some lovely piano. The Fluke mix is slightly more floaty, dreamy, but stll very good.
Enjoy - because if you don't like this one I'll be shocked!!
"I don't want people crying in the rain, I don't want people living on their own!!"

Sensation - Beautiful Morning
(BBG's Big Breakfast Mix)

Sensation - Beautiful Morning
(Fluke's Multi Practice Mix)

Let's see that Inner Smile!!!

I always thought that Texas produced some really great tracks, (although not for the dancefloor).
However, when given a reworking by Stonebridge this track becomes a pure quality dance anthem.
It just uses the basic riff of the track loops in some great piano complimented with snippets of Sharleen's great vocals.
This dates back to 2000 and see the second Texas post on the blog.
"So come on make your move and get my inner smile"
"Yeah, Yeah,"
A top drawer remix, for a top drawer song, from a top drawer band.
Get on it, highly infectious!!

Texas - Inner Smile
(Stonebridge Classic House Mix)

Friday, 16 April 2010

Ayia Napa '96 in the place!!!

Inspired by Trev's last post, a tune I remember well from a great holiday in Ayia Napa, here's another one which was absolutely huge on that holiday in 1996 - The Kool Club was having it right off back then!!!
About this track, well it's just got one of the most infectious grooves ever. Very simple in style with that superb groove just looping time and time again.
It was one of those tunes that you just couldn't stand still to, as it just instantly makes you want to shuffle those feet and groove.
Legendary track - house music at it's very best - so simple, but oh so effective.

George Morel - Morel's Grooves Pt 4 - Let's Groove

I had a notice from DCMA to take this link down, hence if anybody wants the link then please send me an email to the usual address.
Apologies for this, but DCMA appearing to be tightening up and lots of blogs have been forced to close recently.
We shall not be beaten and will endeavour to get the finest dance music to your ears.
Best regards, PCC

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The 2 Amigos

Well, i havnt been posting in a little while, so i thought i better post something good for the comeback! I love this track, especially when the vocal kicks in.

"Gotta have house music, all night long, with that house music, you cant go wrong"

The 2 Amigos - Recycled part 1, from around the 1995 era, this is a classic and not a track you would find on a lot of club classic compilations strangely enough. like many of the tracks posted here on this site its hard to believe that 15 years down the line, you can still put a track on that brings a smile to your face and it sounds as good as the first time you heard it!!

Let me know what you think. Enjoy

The 2 Amigos - Recycled part 1 (set you free)

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Very apt considering it's the "morning after!!!"

Here's one of my favourite old time classics from way back in 1987 - hard to believe that this track is now 23 years old - amazing - it still sounds asbsolutely superb. So simple, but oh so effective.
You can quite often tell a really good old classic as they tend to spawn many other tracks.
Just a few that sampled/took their inspiration from this one (and I'm sure there are many more) include D-Tek - Drop The Rock, Ramp - Rock The Discotek and All Boxed In - Happen.
A Pure Club Classic of the very highest order.
I've also posted the All Boxed In track as that too is a great PCC and a big fave of mine from back in a day.

Fallout - The Morning After

All Boxed In - Happen

Friday, 9 April 2010

Because we got "a definition of love"!!!

Here's an old fave and specially uploaded for Rich.
A real top tune this one from way back in 1989 - it's got all those essential ingredients, great vocals, great lyrics and of course some fantastic piano.
All in all a top tune me thinks.

KAOS - Definition of Love
(Extended Vocal Mix)

Monday, 5 April 2010

We all need some "Love and Money!!

Here's a great slice of old skool, "hands in the air" piano tune from 1992.
Nothing complex about this one just a good old fashioned Italian House classic, the way we all love them.
Lots of great piano, some simple vocals.
Come on now hands in the air, singalong "Love and Money".

The High Givers - Love & Money
(Remix 1)

Reach out for what you're missing!!!

K-Klass will always be remebered for their seminal dance floor classic "Rhythm is a Mystery" and rightly so as it was a fantastic track. However, they also produced some other great tracks and some fantastic remixes and the're still out there DJing all over the world and playin to huge crowds, so repsect fellas.
This is my favourite other K-Klass track and was one which was slightly overlooked in my opinion and wasn't that widely played in clubland.
It has all the components of a great club track though with some great piano, catchy vocals and a nice rhythm. The highlight of the track though are the drum rolls and the synth build I always love those bits, it's like fireworks exploding.
Great track from back in '94!!

K-Klass - What You're Missing
(Klub Mix)

It's not quite June, but this is flaming hot!!!

Happy Easter folks, I hoped you've all had a good one and haven't over indulged (on the Easter Eggs that is - lol!!).
It's been a while since I posted a track so here I give you a real quality classic.
A lot of people absolutely raved about Brian Transeau when he first came onto the UK club scene back in 1993. I remember hearing a quote from Sasha stating that he was bored of DJing and was thinking of packing it in, then BT came along and inspired him.
In my humble opinion although BT was clearly a musician and producer of very high repute I always found most of his tracks a little "over produced" a bit self indulgent and not really that dancefloor friendly (well not to my tastes at least!!).
However, there was no mistaking his talent and he did produce some fantastic tracks and some excellent remixes.
This was IMHO one of his very best, again not that dancefloor friendly, but a real musical journey.
Let me know your thoughts!!
P.S. The picture is a famous painting from Frederick Leighton called Flaming June, but you probably already knew that??

BT - Flaming June
(Chicane Remix)