Sunday, 28 February 2010

we will work it out

"work it out"
(mindwarp mix)
first release from shiva on ffrr this is the mindwarp remix that was on one of the promos, i think this mix came out on the cd single but was not on the vinyl release.
coming in at around 13mins its a long mix that builds & builds then go's off.
awesome vocals from louise dean (r.i.p) who would have been a big star if her life wasnt cut short in a hit n run by a drunk driver.....
shiva "work it out" mindwarp remix

Let the "Magic Fly"!!!!

Here comes another superb piece of quality dance music. Most people will be familar with Remake's track - Theme from Bladerunner, which was posted on the blog several months ago and is pure quality. Well this track is from the same 12" of what is a fantastic double A piece of vinyl. It first came out in 1993 and the piano is absoutely superb, very subtle, but very very nice and melodic.
All in all it's a blinding track.
Enjoy people!!

Remake - Magic Fly
(Original Mix)

Can you "Feel it in the Air"???

Alright peeps, there's been some great posts put up by Russ recently. Nice one bro!!
Here's a real old skool classic. Perfect for those of you who like the Italian House "hands in the air" classics.
This one dates back to 1991 and still sounds great even today.
I love the line below - quality!!
"Pacify me (passion), pacify me (emotion), pacify me; (obsession), pacify me; (devotion)"
This one goes out to my old mate Steve O - who I know is a big fan of this track.
Enjoy buddy!!

Rhythm Eclipse - Feel It In The Air

Saturday, 27 February 2010

what do ya think your doing here!

deborah cox
"nobodys supposed to be here"
(hex hector remix)
some of you may find this on the cheesy side but it is an awesome track with real emotion and some nice vocals. nothing more i can say about it...
deborah cox"nobodys supposed to be here" hex hector remix

he can feel it,can you??

carol bailey
"feel it"
(alex party remix)

my word i remember hearing this for the first time in the hacienda, not the kind ov track you would expect parky to drop but he had a habit of doing that. alex party on the mix of this club banger that came out on multiply records in the uk. the joy on my face when this dropped thru my letter box on promo still raise's a smile now.
carol bailey "feel it" alex party remix

no crying at this 1


"i cried the tears"

(ralphi rosario remix)

everybody knows jomanda from the classics such as make my body rock/got a love for you/dont you want my love etc, but this is a real beauty that was released on us big beat records.

first heard this is on a graeme park tape & spent ages tracking it down,other mixes by e-smoove are also on the 12" but this is the stand out version. enjoy

jomanda "i cried the tears" ralphi rosario remix

Thursday, 25 February 2010

A big welcome to my fellow PCC blogger!!!

You may have noticed a couple of posts which have gone up recently by Russ Richardson who is a new contributor to the PCC blog.
Russ is a bonafide club DJ unlike myself who is just a dance music enthusiastic.
You will find Russ playing at all the top Club nights in Leeds and he shares the same passion for wonderful club music as I do.
So people you'll be pleased to know that they'll be more tracks than ever going up, but the same very high quality will most certainly remain.
So welcome Russ and keep on posting.
Not to be out done by my new recruit, I give you a huge old skool fave of mine from 1991. It's one of those tracks that I never get tired of hearing and rightly deserves the tag "old skool classic".
Great vocals, awesome piano and just a great old skool feel - what more do you want??
"Come on people, get on the move"

The Rapino Brothers - Reach To The Top
(Original Mix)

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

make me whole

ada dyer

"make me whole"

(joey negro rmx)

another gem from the vaults that was played by many a dj in the mid 90's

graeme park,allister whitehead,etc.

remix duty by joey negro & was released on the azuli records label, it has rocked many a dancefloor, and while not being a bassline/organ tune it crossed over into that scene & was dropped at most of the big nites(casa's/niche), and it's still getting plays now.

the true mark of a great track

ada dyer "make me whole"

Monday, 22 February 2010

well blow me down!

you "blow" cosmic mix

this track first came to my attention back in 93 on a dave seaman mix from ark @ the corn exchange leeds, many month's i spent trying to track it down & was lucky enough to have a promo sent. it was picked up by emi for release but came out without this mix.
im sure you will all enjoy this track as much as i do

Friday, 12 February 2010

I need your help - Can you find this track????

Now people I need your help.
After posting over 500 of the what are in my opinion some of the greatest tracks to ever hit clubland, I'm asking for your help to me find me a much sought after track. I (and many others) have been searching for this track for many months/years.
It was first brought to my attention by Mr Chris Day (from Chris and James), as a big track which they played out and always went down a storm.
I've managed to track down an edit from YouTube (thanks Starchaser for that).
However, I'd love to get hold of a full version. It's been on my most wanted list for the past 9 months. Someone out there must have a MP3 version??
Otherwise I'll have to beg Mr Day to get his records out of storage!!
The track is simply awesome - it's got an amazing kicking rhythm and although very much on a disco vibe, it is also incredibly fierce. It pulls the riff from Bumblebee United - Lady Bug - which has been posted on the blog some time ago. It takes that riff and absolutely electrifies it.
People I need you help. It's so rare it's not even on Discogs!!
If anyone can come back with a good MP3 version I promise them that'll post any track of their choice as the next post and give them a huge shout of appreciation.
The gaunlet's been well and truly been laid down. Can anyone step up to the plate???
The PCC challenge is on!!!

Larry's Theme - Carnival

Time to up the tempo and Terrorize you!!!

Now this may not be for all of you and some may think, slightly cheesy and happy hardcore-ish?
But there was never any doubt that these kind of tracks absolutely rocked.
Now I was never into hardcore and always thought that scene was pretty naff. But there was a time in the early to mid 90's (circa 1993) that clubs stopped playing all those classic Italian piano tracks, which us Northerners loved so much. While clubs liked Back To Basics, Hard Times, Hac etc were great, we still needed our fix of piano tunes now and again. Hence we'd throw in the odd night at Life, Bowlers or the Universe nights in Bradford and then come across tracks like this which were quality for the "hands in the air" posse.
Slaves to the "piano choons" we were!!!
If it sounds good then it is good - no matter if it's a bit cheesy.
Are you with me or agin me???
P.S. I can assure you, I never wore white gloves, blew a whistle or wore a flourescent jacket. Lol.

Terrorize - Feel The Rhythm
(Firing Remix)

Some more wonderful house music!!!

Sticking on the house vibe people, get a load of this one.
It's another huge favourite of mine and is a simply divine piece of house music from 1991. A superb re-working of the old Phyliss Hyman track.
Superb vocals, a delightful little skippy house beat and some divine piano.
It sounds very much like a Diana Ross track, but house-ified!!
It's probably no surpise it's so good when you consider who is behind the track.
Steve Anderson producing and Dave Seaman and Phil Kelsey on the remix - the perfect recipe for wonderful dance music.
I just love this one, beautiful laid back house music at it's every best!!
Don't you agree??

Tafuri - You Know How To Love Me
(Mass Extension)

I know a place where we can go and get away from it all!!!

Yo people, "I know a place where we can go and get away from it all". Wanna come along??
Some more quality, quality house music here for you.
Surprisingly after over 500 posts this is the first Kim English post, but it won't be the last as she did some quality tracks and is a great vocalist.
E-Smoove on the mix who is simply a fantastic remixer. always producing seriously good classic house tracks, tinged with just the right about of piano.
My favourite part of this track is the vocal when it goes
"Memories to share, air, air, air, air, air, air, air, air, air, air, air, air""
Love it!!

Kim English - I Know A Place
(E-Smoove Remix)

We're heading for some Heavy Weather!!!

Totally love this one, which is a great re-working of the Farley "Jackmaster" Funk classic.
This gives it a totally different edge and really kicks.
It has that raw heavy edge that a lot of tracks from around the mid 90's had, not quite progressive house and not quite trance, but falling somewhere in between.
Quite dubby, but very fierce.
It get's the thumbs up from me!!

Heavy Weather - Love Can't Turn Around

Are you ready for The Anthem!!!

Hold onto your hats people, it's time for another biggy!!
Now not many tracks could get away with titling themselves "The Anthem", but this one can certainly get a way with it.
A few nice samples of Grace Jones' - Slave to the Rhythm and some other samples I should know, but can't recall, blending with some pretty banging piano creating some "Anthem".
This one was a bit of a monster back in 1994 and I believe Dave Morales had a hand in it.

Black Shells - The Anthem
(Mix 1)

Do you want to get lifted??

Yes of course you do.
Well this will sure do the trick.
Another fine remix by the Loveland team, they certainly knew how to remix tracks.
Keep the feel of the original and bung in plenty of banging piano. Simple formula but very effective!!
This ones no different and really complements Barbara Tucker's powerful vocals.
Hey did you know that Paul Taylor - DJ legend from Angels in Burnely was part of Loveland??
That explains why their remixes are always top drawer. Nice one Mr Taylor - Leg-end!!

Barbara Tucker - I Get Lifted
(Lovelands High On Life Mix)

My heart is on fire!!!

Yes indeedy, loving this one. Quality, quality, house music!!
"My heart is on fire, My soul's like wheel that's turning"
"My love is alive, My love is alive, yeah, yeah, yeah"

Great track, great vocals, great lyrics, great piano, (another) great Bottom Dollar remix.
Need I go on??
Just wait for the piano at 6 mins 50 secs - absolutely lush!!!
Get on it people - you know you want to!!!

Maria Christensen - My Love Is Alive
(Bottom Dollar Club Mix)

Everyone needs a bit of Disco in their life!!!

Just simply love this track, pure class.
I remember the Luvdup Twins playing it at Vague in Leeds in 1993 and the place going wild.
It's just a really fantastic track, with such a great bouncy feel.
I love all the instruments in it, the changes of key and the changes of tempo, a proper quality track.
"Go Go Go Disco Kicks!!!"
Amazing to think that this is 29 years old and it still sounds fantastic.
Believe me - Disco still Kicks - when it's this good!!!

Boys Town Gang - Disco Kicks

Choices, Choices!!! Jay or Jane?? Do Both!!!

Good evening people, I hope you've all enjoyed a great week.
Here to kick off the night is a corking track from 2000, with some belting lyrics.
There appears to be some dilemma - does she choose Jay or Jane??
In the end I think she chooses correctly - do both, I'm sure Jay wouldn't mind (especially if he could watch) Lol.
The track is pure quality with a superb organ breakdown, some great breathy vocals a quality thumping rhythm and those lyrics which are just pure class.
What would you do?
Enjoy people!!

La Rissa - I Do Both Jay And Jane
(Woody Van Eyden Vocal Club Mix)

Friday, 5 February 2010

Feedback - a few words never hurt!!!

Alright people, I hope you have enjoyed the postings tonight.
As always with this blog I try to maintain posting the highest quality tracks out there, some of the gems that rocked clubland in the late 80's and early 90's which you may not have heard or have probably forgotten about.
However, it is always good to hear feedback - whether it's good or bad.
Music is totally subjective, so I don't expect everyone to agree with my tastes, however even negative (constructive) feedback is better than no feedback at all.
I ain't about to put up request for donations like some blogs and you must remember that all this is done for the love of great dance music and zero financial gain.

In many aspects you don't know how lucky you are nowadays, I spent literally thousands of hours and thousands of pounds in record shops in the 80's and 90's searching for and hunting down all my favourite tracks. Nowadays they are all freely available on the net.

Just remember folks - this ain't a public service, so show a bit of gratitude and if you are downloading the tracks which I hope you are, then at least drop a few comments in the comments box below the links to tell me what you thought about the tracks.

I'll get off my soap box now.
Until next time - Ta Rar!!

Best regards, PCC

Another piece of par excellence from Frankie!!

Anyone who follows this blog, will know that I'm a huge fan of Frankie Knuckles' remix work.
There are very few remixers who consistently produce remixes of such outstanding high quality and one of the great things about Mr Knuckles remixes are the amazing piano chords which always feature so strongly. In my mind they are pure bliss and this one is no exception.
The track is all about beautiful flowing piano, mixed with a touch of camp PSB pop.
Maybe not for everyone, but in my mind, very, very nice.
Are you with me, or agin me???

Pet Shop Boys - Left To My Own Devices
(Frankie Knuckles Royal Piano Mix)

Now this is one for the Old Skool Posse!!

I've been meaning to post this for some time now.
Believe me this is the only time you will see the word Hardcore featured on this blog. To be honest the track is not really hardcore, it was out before hardcore was really being produced (another one from 1991 - wjat was I saying about that being a vintage year??).
This is a wonderful old skool tune and personally always reminds me of great nights at Angels in Burnley, as evereytime I went there is always seemed to be played. Needless to say it sent the dancefloor absolutely "radio rental".
As soon as those opening bars and then when you heard "the rhythm is hot" people would be just lose it. It was a sight to see.
Great track, great times, great memories, long gone, but never forgotten.
A big shout out to Russ for reminding me of this one (and providing the remix version).
However, in my mind you can't beat the original. That's where it was at!!!

M.A.N.I.C. - I'm Coming Hardcore
(Original Mix)

M.A.N.I.C. - I'm Coming Hardcore

"I want you to know, it doesn't matter!!!"

IMHO and I know most of you out there feel the same, really quality dance music practically died post 2000. Yes, there have been some great tracks since, but not of the same quality and certainly not of the same quantity of the classics which were produced between 1987 to 2000.
Still, it's good to do know that there is still quality out there if you search for it.
However, most of the tracks nowadays tend to be pop songs which with a great remix turn them club friendly.
This one fits that mould, thanks to a great remix from the Bimbo Jones team, who are probably one of the hottest remixers out there at the moment.
About the track, well it's pure quality, really great vocals, decent lyrics, it has a really great atmospheric and feel through out and it builds really nicely.
Folks it ain't club music as we know and love it, but it's really good and about as good as it gets these days.
A big shout out to Drew G for bringing it to my attention. Nice one Bro'.
Enjoy people!!!

Kelly Clarkson - Already Gone
(Bimbo Jones Club Mix)

P.S. I'm not going to put up the link up, as this is the type of track that would get pulled by the DCMA. If anyone wants the link, drop me an email at the usual address.

Have you been selected for the 1st Team??

Now I'm spoiling you tonight folks with another huge fave of mine and another track which is just simply stunning.
This has amazing piano, amazing saxophone and is quite simply a bloody top notch track.
A timeless classic, very much in the same mould as the Espiral track I posted earlier tonight.
Another track which dates back to 1991 - which was possibly the best year ever for club classics. It was right at the peak of the Italian House "piano tunes" era and those were the tracks which all us "Up North" simply loved.
By the way a big shout out to the guys at Tune ID for id-ing this one for me.
It was a track which I never knew of the name of until recently.
If you ever have any tracks which you need id-ing they usually come up trumps. Link is below;
Respect Fella's.
Enjoy the track people - it's another PCC.

1st Team - Feel It

A massive Oakey opener!!!

Loving this one, which was a massive track for the legend that is Oakey and was a track which he regularly used to drop to open his sets.
Now I has a massive Roses fan, but never really got into Ian Brown's solo stuff that much.
To me when John Squire left the Roses, they were never quite as good.
This however is pure quality, assisted by a great remix from UNKLE.
A top notch track!!!

Ian Brown - F.E.A.R.
(UNKLE Remix)

Apologies for this one, but I couldn't resist it!!!

I've posted some real quality tonight (IMHO), so please spare me this one.
Now this is real cheese, but do you know what, I can't help but love it.
Euro House is not particularly my taste but this, is, well, catchy as hell.
It just has a really, really catchy riff, some dreadfully cheesy vocals, but somehow I can't help but like it.
I like the squelchy acid, the change of tempo, but it's that riff that does it.
Apologies to all you purists out there, but hey, sometimes a bit of cheese is good for the soul.
The PCC ethic is - if it's good post it, cheese an' all!!
Enjoy!! Or if you hate it, let me know??

Mephisto - Mystery (Of Love)
(Club Mix)

Quite simply this track is Massive!!! - This Love!!

Another absolutely huge fave of mine.
From the opening of the radio being tuned in to the deep "This Love" vocal, through to the amazing saxophone, the skippy beat, the awesome violin, then the progressive pounding rhythm throughout it's one of those tracks that is almost perfect.
I mean come on people how many club tracks have a saxophone and a violin in - none that I can think of!! Bloody Brilliant!!
Everytime you hear it, it sounds just as good as the first time you ever heard it, which just reinforces how timeless it is.
It was absolutely massive in clubs dating back to 1991 and was one of those tracks played regularly over the years.
Just a Massive track!!! Nuff Said!!!

Espiral - Dunne

Time for some more Bananarama????

Now I'd forgive you for thinking PCC has totally lost it, as this will be the second Bananarama post on this blog.
Fear not though people both the tracks have been fantastic and huge club classics.
This one is no exception, I had this on mix tape back in 1991 and it's taken me absolutely ages to track down the correct mix.
Just ignore the fact it's Bananarama and immerse yourself in a truly wonderful Steve "Silk" Hurley remix. Be warned though the track is pretty addictive and don't blame me if you are caught singing "B B Banana B B Banana B B Banana Bananarama".
Wicked, wicked House Music!!

Bananarama - Tripping On Your Love
(Silky Dub)

Everyone needs a little bit of Heaven!!!

Huge thanks to my old mate Antti for this one. Cheers buddy, it's one I've had lined up to post for some time.
Put simply it's another fantastic remix by that man Mr Paul Gotel. For all those of you out there who love their remixes BiR stylee then you'll love this one.
It's from 1998 and it takes you on a journey similar to the BiR remixes with lots of great breakdowns, peaks, some lush vocals, the whole track just has a great feel about it.
Nice one Mister!!!
Let's get on it - all those in favour say "Aye"!!!

Kinane - Heaven
(Paul Gotel's Heaven 4 Sinners Mix)

Back with a Bang - to Throw You Down!!!

Alright peeps, Huge apologies for the lack of activity on the blog recently, things have been v.hectic, plus I've just started a new job and hence time has been a scarce commodity recently.
Well on a happier note you'll be glad to hear that I have some absolute belters lined up to post.
Here we go, hold on to your hats!!
Now this one dates back to 1990 and is quite simply a fantastic track. It takes a few minutes to get going, but just wait for what can only be described as one the of the greatest piano breakdown's in clubbimg history (yes it's that good!!) at 2mins 16 secs. This montsrous piano kicks in and is simply awesome. The rest of the track never quite reaches the same peak again, but that moment is just extra special.
Enjoy, as I'm sure you will!!

Thelma Houston - Throw You Down
(Down For The Count Dub)