Sunday, 14 November 2010

PCC goes all classical again!!

Here's another piece of classical music which was absolutely massive in clubs and also one which was widely sampled and reworked.
People may remember the DNA version which was big on the club scene in the early 90's.
My fave use of the sample was in Dilemma - In Spirit - one of may all time favourite tracks.
However, this original version is absolutely amazing and one that will never date.
It was produced in 1981 and was only 2mins 18mins long.
This extended disco version spices it up just a touch more, whilst retaining the beauty of the original.
A truly amazing piece of music with fantastic emotion.
Big shout out to Stephen for bringing it to my attention again.
Keep them tracks coming fella, nice one!!

Rondo' Veneziano - La Serenissima
(Extended Disco Version)


Mark Freejack said...

fantastic i hammered in spirit back inthe day and its still one of my most request on my classics radio show

leo said...

this is a very true classic,congrats

DLMPINOY said...

amazing. played it before i conducted my workshop. kept me up for hours. thanks

dean danny